Thursday, November 21, 2013

Links, links and more links...

Have you seen Cindy Wimmer's new book  "The Missing Link"?  If you like using wire and making links, you will love her book.  There are so many links to choose from and they are even labeled according to difficulty. Here are a few that I tried.

"Loopty Loop" link-labeled as easy for difficulty
I used 16 gauge copper wire to make this link and love the
way it compliments the necklace

 "Birthday Bow" link-labeled as moderate for difficulty
This link used 16 and 18 gauge wire-I did mine in bronze.
A little more difficult to make.
You know the old saying, "you have to hold your mouth just right".
The link adds to the romantic, vintage feel of the necklace.

 And one more...
"Double Infinity" link-labeled as more challenging for level of difficulty
My link is made using 18 gauge bronze wire.  I found this link to be easy.

Still many more links to try-30 included in the book.
I am always on the lookout for new links...
Have you made any new ones lately?