Monday, December 31, 2012

Resolutions for the New Year!

Increasing the possibilities!

I have been doing a lot of soul searching the past few months about changes I want to make, things I want to let go of and how to go about it.  For me, the biggest is learning not to have to be in control all the time... not to have to be a remember that everything usually works out the way it was supposed to anyway!  So, I have set my sight at just letting go, being more spontaneous, and trying new things. 

I recently found this quote-

and it got me thinking-how often I forget to act like I did when I was younger-to be open to new possibilities, have fun, laugh more.  I love learning new things, so why not try new experiences?  I've started my list and I'll share as I mark them off.

Do you write resolutions for the new year? 
How many do you keep?


  1. Hello Ida,
    Congratulations on your beautiful piece being published - it led me to your blog.

  2. Thanks, Breana. Glad you liked my necklace.