Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day Traditions and Memories

The Mother's Day tradition I remember as a child was wearing a rose pinned to my dress. Most people where I grew up did this as a way of remembering and honoring their mother. The rose was red if your mother was living and white if she wasn't living.  

It was important to find just the right rose, so my sister and I would go out and look on the rose bushes at the end of our porch for the perfect rose.  We wanted ours to be a bud with no blemishes. When we found it, the rose along with leaves from the bush was pinned on the shoulder of our dress before we went to Sunday School.

I don't know when this stopped-I always thought it was a nice tradition.

Did you do this when you were growing up?

When my father in the Navy during WWII he often wrote letters home to the editor of the hometown newspaper for publication.  They many times contained a poem that he had written expressing his thoughts while away at war.  This poem in honor of his mother was written in 1944 while he was in the Pacific.

Happy Mother's Day!

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