Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Bead Soup I Sent

This is the "Bead Soup" I sent my partner, Loretta Carstensen.  I can't wait to seeing her ideas and creation.

A few little packages....

Wrapped in a little handmade pouch...

And this is the soup...
Choice of deer antlers for the focal, a mix of Czech glass beads,
Betel nut beads, wood beads, copper 22 caliber shell casings, 
vintage shell beads, a copper clasp, copper spacers 
with sari silk and voile ribbons.


  1. The soup is done, Linda. Thanks for sending such fun soup ingredients. It was a challenge, but I completed it. Can't wait to show you the design.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it-I can't wait to see what you created-May 3 is almost here!
      I have finished the soup you sent as well-At first I didn't think the focal would be a challenge but it sure turned out to be one for me. Just need to take pictures and finish my blog post.