Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Challenge of ...Social Media!

I'm new to all this...Blogging...Facebook pages...Pinterest...Etsy!  When I say it has been both confusing and hard for me, I'm not kidding.  Too many things to try to figure out at one time. 

I am a little bit of a perfectionist-no that isn't true you, I am very much a perfectionist.  I might as well own up to it.  I decided to start a blog but before that could happen-I needed  no I had to have everything just right complete with a pretty blog design. Karen Valentine of Valentine Design  set up and designed my beautiful blog.  I could not love it more, it feels like me. If you need a design, Karen is your woman! 

So now I have the beautiful blog and am trying to learn how it all works-hard  for an old girl!!  I should have patience, after all I didn't grow up with a computer in my hand-but I want to know it all now and it is a challenge trying to figure it out.  How bad is it when you have to ask your 13 year old grandson how to do something?  But no more complaining, I'm very lucky to have children and grandchildren who are so computer savy!  I keep Whitney, my daughter-in-law busy with questions!

So moving on to Facebook-I have my own personal page, should it be hard to add a business page?-I would have thought not-but yes that is not easy either.  And what about Pinterest and selling on Etsy?  Taking good pictures-I won't even go there.  I guess it is getting harder to accept that I'm getting older and some things just don't make sense to me. 

But I do like to learn new things, I'm hanging in there and I will get it.  Eventually!!
I'm saving Flicker, Twitter and Instagram for later...much, much later!

How about you....what challenges have you had learning how to use 
social media and how have you managed?

Help is welcomed!

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