Tuesday, April 2, 2013

More...Yard Sale Finds

I love a yard sale-don't really need anything but the hunt is always fun.  Saturday, I went with my sister and two other friends.  Judy, my sister loves finding things to use in her yard and she always finds something she likes.  Sue, likes nautical items and paintings by unknown artists, which she collects.  She always gets lucky.  This is the first time Gail had been with us.  She has many beautiful antiques and doesn't need anything but enjoyed the company.  I rarely buy anything-I see lots that I like but I need to have an idea where I'm going to use it before I buy it.  But there is the exception-I am always looking for "junk" to use in my jewelry making.  

Judy found a lovely picture to hang in her shed and a painted folding wood tray table.  Sue was happy to find a painting and a great glass salad set.  Gail even managed to get a flower pot.  She loves sedum plants and it will work great for that.

Much to everyone's surprise Saturday, I was the one buying everything.  No, jewelry supplies though! This time my treats mean work in the future for me.  Why do that?  I love a challenge and staying busy!
That is a mirror reflecting my yard. It isn't a painting!
Previously a cabinet radio? -not sure...
Love this chair-good bones-just needs to be re-upholstered

Love everything!  Plan to paint the cabinet with chalk paint, upholster the chair seat and just clean up the mirror.  Not sure about the lamp yet, but at $2.00 it was a steal.

Already looking forward to our next yard sale adventure!


  1. Thanks, Patricia-I'm hoping to find a place to use it.

  2. i love the chair! aloha, angi in hana

  3. I can't wait to fix it up. Thanks for stopping by my blog.