Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Yard Sale!
Sometimes you find a treasure...sometimes you don't
I look at going to yard sales and estate sales as treasure hunts.  In most hunts the treasure never appears. But sometimes, luck is with me and I find treasured items that to some look like junk.  But to me, they are small prizes that avoided the trash pile and will be turned into beautiful jewelry.
Treasures from a recent estate/yard sale

Does anyone have suggestions for cleaning silver? 
I have already tried silver polish and this is as clean as it gets.

 I'll post a picture when I use some of the treasures...but until then-Good Luck  Hunting!


  1. i've heard people will lining their sinks with aluminum foil, then filling with baking soda and boiling water?? and soaking the silver in...or something like that. Beautiful jewelry! lani@

  2. Hi, Lani-
    Thanks for visiting and for the information-I'll give the aluminum foil method a try.