Saturday, February 9, 2013

Bead Soup Blog Hop Challenge

At the beginning of the year, I said I was going to "try something new for the first time". 

 So far, I haven't!  

But I recently found this in my fortune you think it might be a sign to get moving?

Well, I'm taking it at that.  

I have wanted to join the Bead Soup Blog Hop  for several years, but I didn't have a blog (great excuse!).   Now I do and can no longer use that as excuse... I did say I was going to do something for the first time!  This may not seem like a big challenge to you, but to me it is a huge one!  Wondering...Is my bead soup good enough...what if I get beads that I don't know what to do with...just putting myself out there for people to look at and judge!

I decided to take the challenge even though it makes me a little crazy.

I just found out my partner is Duane (Dee) Clark of Manassas, Virginia.
She is so talented and makes amazing jewelry.  
You can see more about Dee and view her jewelry here:

I have my Bead Soup ready and just mailed it-but I can't show it to you yet!

Please visit again to see what I sent her!

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