Monday, February 25, 2013

Have You Ever Tried Viking Knit?

Viking Knit has been on my list of techniques that I want to learn.  So, no time like the present to try  and hopefully be able to mark it off the list.

It looks so technical and hard.  But thanks to the internet and youtube  most any anything you want to learn is right at your fingertips. I watched two different versions and then decided to give it a shot.

My first attempts....

Both samples were made using single knit and bronze wire.  The top one  is with 24 gauge and the bottom is 26 gauge.  I found the 26 gauge much easier to work with, causing less problems with bends and knots in the wire.  The 24 gauge while heavier is more easily knotted and harder to pull through.  The knitted wire for both are very stiff and unyielding before pulling them through the draw plate.  Then like magic, after using the draw plate they become very flexible.  Both of these examples are after the weaving and pulling through the draw plate.

Now I'm ready to try a longer piece. This is my end result using 24 gauge bronze wire.  After the knitting it measured 6 1/2".  I used the draw plate and drew it down to 8 mm and it then measured 10".

I still need  some practice but I'm happy with my results!

Have you tried any new techniques lately?
Hope you share-


  1. Wow! Those look fabulous. I must admit that even though I love the look of Viking Knit it currently its in my "looks too hard" basket. You've certainly done an excellent job. Is it as tricky as it looks?

    1. Thanks, Nelly. It wasn't as hard as it looks. For me the hardest part was the first 1/2"-after that it was just repeat the pattern. Hope you will give it a try!