Friday, March 1, 2013

To Consign or Not??

How did you decide how to sell your jewelry?

This seems more difficult than it should be for me.  Probably like most of you, I started making jewelry because it made me happy and was a great outlet for my creative side.  But then before I knew it, I had lots of jewelry and was wondering what to do with it.  There is only so much that you can wear yourself and/or give as gifts.

Last year  I sold at four of our county Arts Coalition shows.  I met and talked to lots of great people and did very good with my sales.  I have my set up and displays ready to go, so I plan to do this again this year.

This is all well and good but I still enjoy making jewelry and now I'm back at the same spot trying to decide what my next move will be. I want to create when I feel like it, make what I like and not feel like I am pressured to make something all the time.  But with the inventory that I have on hand, I feel like I need to do more than the few shows I did last year.

I'm now at the stage of "Do I do consignment or not".  How do I decide?
How do I get past the idea of all the work I put into making something and then paying 30-40% of the sales price for having it consigned?

Do you sell your jewelry?
Where do you sell?
How did you decide?

Tips and ideas are all welcome...


  1. Have you tried Etsy or Artfire, it would be better than giving up 40-50% of your sales for having someone else selling it for you. I've been on Etsy for 5 years selling my felt embellishments but now want to open a new shop and try selling some jewelry. Good luck

    1. Hi, Dolores-
      Thanks for visiting and for the comment.
      I have jewelry on Etsy and am trying to figure out how to get noticed on the site. It sounds like you have had good luck with it.

  2. Your jewelry is beautiful. I notice that you have an Etsy shop in addition to selling at art shows, yeah! I had been selling antiques/collectibles shows for years before I started making jewelry, so it was easy to bring my jewelry along. Now it's slowly taking over my booth:-) I get asked all the time to consign or sell at wholesale, but I just can't afford to do it.