Tuesday, March 5, 2013


I love to see what people collect and learn how their collections started.  Most times I have found that the collection was not intentional-they just kind of fell into it.  That happened to me with the things I collected over the years.  Some have gone by the way side while others have kept my interest for many years.

My first hobby as a child was collecting stamps-preferring U.S. commemorative stamps. While I still have the collection, this is one I didn't continue.

As a teenager, I collected inspirational quotes and verses. I still have these and have added many more over the years.  

For many years, I collected Depression glass-Hazel Atlas-cobalt blue Moderntone pattern.  I now have a complete set and don't actively look for more but I do have it prominently displayed in my china cabinet.
My next collection began at a yard sale where I bought a vintage wedding cake topper.  This one topper led to many more and to friends and family finding them for me.  After all isn't your collection a great gift idea?  So I have many more than I would have bought myself.  Although I no longer buy these, I still enjoy looking at them and have loaned them for wedding displays.
The one the right started it all!
This brings me to my collection of vintage Carteret County postcards.  In 1998, having newly discovered Ebay, I typed in Beaufort just to see if there was anything for sale. I found my first vintage postcard and  a new and ongoing hobby.  I have cards dating back to 1906 and love the history they document.  This collection led to a book collaboration with my son, Kevin. We researched and used the cards to publish a book detailing the history of Carteret County through these vintage images.  This is the one hobby I still maintain and am always on the look out for a card I don't have.

Do you have a collection?

How did it start?


  1. Oh I love your collections especially the cake toppers. What a wonderful family collection and hobby you share with your son. I love my button and doorknob collection.

  2. Thanks, Betsy. Isn't it so funny how obsessed we can get about our collections? But so fun!