Friday, February 15, 2013

Bead Soup from my Blog Hop Partner!

A little more about my amazing partner...
Duane (Dee) Clark

My Photo

Dee is from Manassas, Virginia and is a member of the Northern Virginia Bead Society. 
Some of her interests include lampwork, PMC, beadwork, enameling and chain maille.
Dee is a very talented woman-please visit her sites get to know her better.

I'm so excited!  

After much is finally here and I can share it with you.  I was a little worried when I picked up my package from the post office.  The box looked like it had been trampled in transit and I was almost afraid to open and check for damage.

this is what it looked like when it arrived

But...SURVIVAL is the word and it was just fine!

Just look at the beauties she sent...

This is the focal and clasp I must use in my design

These special beads were made by Dee and she even picked my favorite color

I can't wait to get started with this challenge


  1. I didn't realize you had posted. Thank you for the kind words. I can't believe the beads were not crushed! Hope you have fun - I started today, I had a very creative morning. It's tough, but fun.

    1. Dee, I can wait to start on mine-I've been giving it a lot of thought-you gave me so many choices. This has already been a lot of fun!

    2. Typing error! I meant to say I can't wait

  2. I love the colours and textures in this soup. Lovely!