Friday, June 14, 2013

Oh, Suzanna!

Exploring Raleigh-

Sunday my sister and I were in Raleigh for my grandchildren's Monday graduation.  With a little time on our hands we checked out a few of Raleigh's hidden gems-my favorite bead shop, Ornamentea-who doesn't need a few more treasures.

Then because I needed some chalk paint, we were on our way to "Two Old Birds"-had never been there before and didn't know that we were in for a delightful surprise!  This store is part of "Vintage Village" and this is what we saw as we drove up....

Now my son's family has been in Raleigh for 13 years-how on earth could I have missed this? The village is at 9300 Durant Road-you might want to check it out if you are in Raleigh!

Two Old Birds had just the Annie Sloan chalk paint I needed ....
And Suzanna's Antiques has so much eye candy it was hard to see it all...
There is even a pair on sidewalk skates like the ones I used to have-telling my age!
The Village is made up of tiny old building-packed to the brim!
I can already see a trip in the fall when it is a little cooler-SO WE CAN STAY LONGER!!


  1. Oh Linda!!! Thank you for this blog - I may have to make a road trip myself. Have a wonderful summer.

    Duane (Dee)

    1. Thanks, Dee. I think I will be planning another trip when it is cooler-it was so hot that day that I know missed a lot.

  2. I so wish I lived closer... What a wonderful place on earth to be able to spend time in.. lol I would love to spend a weekend there if possible. Looks like there were many many cool things there.

    1. I wish I was closer too-I'm 3 hours away-but we can wish!