Sunday, June 23, 2013

Re-purposed Treasure

A while back I found an old silver plate serving spoon and added it to my collection of
 "I'm going to do something with this one day" pile.

The slotted spoon is the one I'm talking about.  All the others are destined for silverware necklace pendants.
I have looked at it and looked at it trying to decide what this should become, today is the day I'm doing show and tell.

Finally, inspiration!  I had my husband cut the handle off and then annealed the the spoon bowl and hammered the heck out of it to flatten it.  I was a little disappointed with the way it turned out. After the heat and hammering it was very dull and the areas where the silver plate was worn seemed to stand out more, so back into the drawer it went!

After a few months, back out it came-I tried tumbling it, which only helped minimally.  Then I used a Pro polish pad on it (are these suppose to be moist? I just bought these and they are dry) and like a miracle-the shine was back.  I drilled a hole in the middle and riveted a piece of brass filigree and smashed metal button to the center. Since it is kind of flashy, I thought a simple chain would be best. So I made a chain from 18 gauge bronze wire.

Now for the reveal....
I like the way it turned out-I don't know about you but sometimes I just have to ponder for a while...

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