Friday, June 7, 2013

Smashed Buttons

A while back I came across a blog by Christine Marie Davis where she wrote about taking her frustrations out on some old metal buttons by smashing them with a hammer. She talked about how satisfying it was to smash them and how much she liked the way they turned out.

I tried it and she's right it does feel good to smash something!  A little loud-but fun!

This is the necklace I made using her button smashing technique...
I found the keyhole at the Raleigh Fairgrounds and used it as the base for my necklace.  Two smashed buttons were cold connected and attached to the keyhole as a dangle.  I love the blue ice beads and after wire wrapping them, I attached them to forged and soldered circle links. I think this makes a very feminine and pretty necklace.

Smashed any buttons lately?

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